Monday, December 29, 2008

Virginia for Christmas

We went to Virginia for Christmas and had a great time. It's a little sad visiting...I get overwhelmed by the incredible natural beauty of the mountains. The view from Timothy's fathers house was breathtaking. After returning home I got many new goodies for my studio and for my encaustic. I was able to clean up the studio and give it a much needed facelift. I will never underestimate the value in a 7ft folding table or a draw sacred place to draw. I resurrected old easels, an antique barrel chair, and even created a shop area in the other half of the basement. Thanks to my father I am the proud owner of a torch, chop saw, nail gun and a ton of masonite...thanks dad:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wheeler School Holiday Art Fair

I have a table at the Wheeler Holiday Art Fair. I will be selling ornaments, hand-painted wrapping paper and some small wax paintings. I am so full of Christmas cheer it is ridiculous. This is the only time of year I listen to Mariah Carey.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I met with my New England Wax group on Sunday. We went to the Duxbury Art Complex in Massachusetts where I saw a show titled Art and Books. It smelled old and wonderful in there. My favorite pieces were by Dorothy Simpson Krause (digital images collaged on board with encaustic).

I am going to rake on Veteren's day (my day off). The routine will help me think about those who have served and who are serving... despite how long I have waited to deal with Fall's slow decent...raking is not so bad.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

This is the Gus. He is the man for his time and place. Part dog, part mutt, part unknown fox-like creature.
We went on a hike yesterday in Exeter, Rhode Island at the Arcadia Management Park. The leaves are changing such vibrant colors this year (according to the hydrogeologist - adequate water conditions). Who cares why? long as it is cadmium red light.
I don't have much to say as writing about myself makes me feel egotistical. But then again here I go...I have been excited recently about some things. I built 18 Masonite cubes for my encaustic. (I-am-woman-with-power-tool-hear-me-roar). I also bought a book about antique fabrics. While painting encaustic, I discovered that the vertical and horizontal wax strokes emulate a fabric. So the integration between the two has just started. I have been painting in a fury as not to lose hold of the idea. I have a show in November and my goal is to make affordable small paintings to sell at $25 each. Quick turnover = creativity. If you like the ones featured on the website I tack on shipping as well. Not bad for original artwork though right?