Monday, December 29, 2008

Virginia for Christmas

We went to Virginia for Christmas and had a great time. It's a little sad visiting...I get overwhelmed by the incredible natural beauty of the mountains. The view from Timothy's fathers house was breathtaking. After returning home I got many new goodies for my studio and for my encaustic. I was able to clean up the studio and give it a much needed facelift. I will never underestimate the value in a 7ft folding table or a draw sacred place to draw. I resurrected old easels, an antique barrel chair, and even created a shop area in the other half of the basement. Thanks to my father I am the proud owner of a torch, chop saw, nail gun and a ton of masonite...thanks dad:)

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rob@ytc said...

I hope those tools help to expand your parameters- widen your horizons. Can't wait to see something new and exciting. luv dad