Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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I like this photographer Vivian Chen.  In her Portfolio I /section 0ne she has a cool picture looking through tattered clothes on a line to see posters of some models displayed in the background.  I think photos are really successful when they capture something like that - a real moment. 

I was watching this great National Geographic documentary about Joel Sartore (photographer) called At Close Range.  He was extremely sincere and modest (a country boy) about how he can take a beautiful picture but rarely capture a real moment (quite a statement when you see his work).  He describes only one picture where he felt as though he captured a real moment.

This photo (bottom left of link) is of kids who are working in fields as detasslers (removing pollen from corn) and they are in great anticipation as their crew boss is teasing them while determining their wadges.  I think the one on the bottom right looks like a young Juliette Lewis.

Lastly, I can't stop listening to Nick Drake "Saturday Sun." Reminds me of Spring.

Saturday sun came early one morning

In a sky so clear and blue

Saturday sun came without warning

So no-one knew what to do.

Saturday sun brought people and faces

That didn't seem much in their day

But when I remember those people and places

They were rarely too good in their way.

In their way

In their way

Saturday sun won't come and see me today.

Think about stories with reason and rhyme

Circling through your brain.

And think about people in their season and time

Returning again and again

And again

And again

And Saturday's sun has turned to Sunday's rain.

So Sunday sat in the Saturday sun

And wept for a day gone by.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stephanie Koltiska: MFA Modern Dance Concert

     I went for a day trip with my husband and our friends Michelle & Fred Struckholz to SUNY Purchase to witness Stephanie Koltiska's MFA Dance concert (upside down blonde in the poster).  She had two solos and danced in several other pieces.  In her first solo, she did a classical piece choreographed by Jose Limon ( called "Sphinx" - very catlike movement.  Who looks good in a brown unitard?  She did! 
     The second performance was awesome because she danced to Stevie Nicks "Stand Back" donning a killer 80's tutu while pointing and moonwalking in front of an industrial size fan (hysterical).  All-in-all totally worth the drive. 
     The red fabric seen in the poster was used in a Cirque-de-Soleil style dance where she hung from her feet and flung back and forth across the stage.  My favorite piece was choreographed by a fellow MFA student who had muscular boys tossing Steph (dressed in all white) around the stage at the end of a 10ft metal bar making her look weightless.
     I have taken about 7 modern dance classes with my friend Michelle and loved every single one.  I found myself stretching and twirling around the kitchen while cooking dinner.  If you are interested in Modern Dance and live near or visit the Providence area check out Michelle's class every Saturday at 12:30 at the Motion Center. For more information check out the website here.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the late Jose Limon and Martha Graham to inspire you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day

I ran in the Cox Communications 5K roadrace in Providence today.  It was a beautiful way to see the city while jammin to Fu Manchu, Ween and Jefferson Airplane.  It has been a great weekend (runner's high)

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