Thursday, July 29, 2010

As you live and breathe...

Thanks to a certain visit from a certain TJ Huff I have been obsessed with this new site.  It has free hour long podcasts with great music.

Also, I submitted a fun little batch of things to the 9th Annual Craftland Show in Providence, RI.  I find out if I make the cut in September.  If I don't... let me know if you need a cork board.  I had all these cool molding pieces left around my studio - so I figured I would see what I could frame with them.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enjoy the Frazier Festival 2nd Hand...

I went to this event to see my friend Michelle dance in the second video clip.  The Frazier Festival is a live, site-specific installation of dance that is free and open to the public.  The following clip is from Saturday, July 17, during the ELEMENTAL show on the RISD Campus on the Frazier Terrace.  You can hear in my voice that I finally learned how to work my camera when I confirm...yes, it's recording.

TitleA Sea of Bodies, a large brick wall
ChoreographyKellie Ann Lynch
Music: Rachel's
Performers: Margee Achee, Lindsey bauer, Nikki Carrara, Tonya Colpitts, Lisa Gesler, Leigh Hendrix, Amy Holly, Elaine Hooper, Leah Moriarty, Gianna Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Kate Seethaler, Alicia White

TitleLive Stream
Choreography:  Michelle Castaneda
Visual Artist: Alan Ormondroyd
Music: 'The Winner Is' - Devotchka, 'Opus 15, No. 1 in F Major - Chopin
Performers:  Justin Davis, Teresa Kochis, Michelle Struckholz

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Getting prepared for my show at White Electric in September. 
Sorry about the slim post.  I'm a busy bee.

Funny...Check out the artist interview with Kim Bernard on the Lynette Haggard blog (that I follow).  Kim is swinging from a pengalum and spray painting on paper...seriously...Maude from The Big Lebowski already make that move famous.