Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

This is the Gus. He is the man for his time and place. Part dog, part mutt, part unknown fox-like creature.
We went on a hike yesterday in Exeter, Rhode Island at the Arcadia Management Park. The leaves are changing such vibrant colors this year (according to the hydrogeologist - adequate water conditions). Who cares why? long as it is cadmium red light.
I don't have much to say as writing about myself makes me feel egotistical. But then again here I go...I have been excited recently about some things. I built 18 Masonite cubes for my encaustic. (I-am-woman-with-power-tool-hear-me-roar). I also bought a book about antique fabrics. While painting encaustic, I discovered that the vertical and horizontal wax strokes emulate a fabric. So the integration between the two has just started. I have been painting in a fury as not to lose hold of the idea. I have a show in November and my goal is to make affordable small paintings to sell at $25 each. Quick turnover = creativity. If you like the ones featured on the website I tack on shipping as well. Not bad for original artwork though right?

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rob@ytc said...

Gus for President!