Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Old Western Oil Painting

This is the "International Artist" magazine I used for inspiration in my painting.  The subscription was a gift.  Despite the fact that I don't usually paint in this style I was hoping to learn from it.  The step by step interview with the artist was cool.

There is no comparison between my painting and the original painting but I was proud of my effort.  The process really made me appreciate his approach.

Step 1:  The underpainting

Step 2: I added the darks.  Concentrating on "glazing" which the is technique of using thin layers of oil paint. The more layers that are added the richer the color.  Otherwise it ends up being too muddy.

Step 3: The landscape is starting to take shape.

Step 4:  Working from left to right.

Step 5: Darker Sky 

Step 6: Finished.  Merry Christmas Gramps!

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