Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 corners, Imaginary Chickens and a Dorfman

On a trip to the Sakkonnet Winery in Little Compton, RI, I drove through Tiverton, MA.  I forced my husband to stop in the Tiverton Four Corners.  Easily the cutest, quaintest, most adorable-fairytale place I have ever seen.  Shortly after visiting I chose the lot of land I will buy to build my house and barn studio and where I plan to raise my imaginary future chickens.
Photos of Tiverton Four Corners, RI Photos of Tiverton Four Corners, RI
I visited a beautiful store called Rummage with gorgeous little trinkets, things old and new (art by local artists). Tim bought the coolest set of antique maps there.
The clerk at Rummage was this young musician from the Berkely school of music named Andrea Belanger.  She told me about her father's involvement in the Narrow Center for the Arts (I love making any connections to organizations like that).  It was nice to meet someone so talented and so go-getterish. Her music is cool check it out.  
Anyway, while in one of the many galleries in Tiverton (of course I picked out a future studio space/shop for myself) I saw these portraits taken by one of the largest polaroids ever (only 6 in the world).  I loved polaroids as a kid. Instant Gratification Machines.
The artist's name is Elsa Dorfman.  Look at this crazy camera!

Some of the family portraits were nice.
Here is a cool pic of Alan Ginsberg.  The edges are the best part.

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